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New pokemon game - Play Pikachu pokemon free online

Pokemon game is a franchise that refuses to quit. Since the launch of Red and Green in 1996 (later renamed Blue for its Western release), the series has continued on, getting stronger with every year. Even today, the huge range of games, merchandise, and TV series remain popular in both the adult and child demographics. But you may have never heard of this new pokemon game, it’s called Pikachu Game that you can play online free at link below.


New Pikachu Pokemon Game Online
New pokemon game

So, how to play this new Pokemon game?

This new pokemon game challenges your hands and eyes. You need to find 2 pokemons exactly the same and click to remove them. These two pokemons must be connected by no more than 3 straight lines. When no pokemon moves, the locations will be automatically re-arranged randomly.

The difficulty increases for each level and time will decrease. There are 9 level. The faster you complete, the higher score you gain. It is difficult to pass all 9 levels in a limited time.

It is difficult to pass all 9 levels in a limited time. It’s really a big challenge. Once you get familiar with this game, you will not be able to escape from its attraction. Believe me! And don’t try!

Tips to play Pikachu Game
  • General observation: 
When you start to play the game Pikachu, please glance at one turn to remember the location of Pokemons . Then use your hands and eyes quickly to find the pairs of identical without losing too much time. It must be recognized that when looking at the game you are prone to dizziness, although the pair of pokemon seem very easy to recognize but you still can not find them.
  • Focus on each area:
Find the pairs of identical Pokemon in each block, on the same side for all the pairs of them, then move on to other areas, you will not miss any pair of Pikachu. Moreover, this will make it easier to focus because observed region is shrunken.

The important thing is to keep calm, and relaxing eyes after passing each level. Have a good time with this new pokemon game. You can play free solitaire games online with popular card games like Klondike Solitaire, Freecell, Spider Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire and more than 40 games of solitaire.


^^ Thank you to reading. Hope you always happy ^^

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